Friday, July 14, 2017

musings on meditaion

I didn't learn to meditate till I was in my 30's. 
I think I had meditated by accident throughout my life and had experiences that I thought were dreams but that didn't really make sense because I was awake. So I was left wondering, what did I just see and how?  
 I know I have pondered questions and had my mind be guided, but to meditate... where I really still my mind and focus on breathing and cease to think,
 is something I didn't intentionally do or intentionally learn to do till I was in my 30's...maybe around 37? 

I'm 43 now so I have been using meditation in my life for several years and it has been a great blessing. 
Now, I meditate daily. 
Sometimes when I meditate I have wonderful personal epiphanies.
Sometimes I see beautiful and instructive visions in my mind's eye. 
Sometimes I see pulsing colors and lights that are calming.
Sometimes I I become totally unaware of my body and position my body is in. 
I feel like I'm asleep but I'm awake to enjoy the rest!
Sometimes it's just calming and gives me respite from the overwhelming activity of life.
I think it's really something that many in the western world are really missing out on.
 Here we are, these eternal spiritual beings, having this miraculous opportunity to be in a physical body and yet many of us have never been taught to still our brains and go within our spirits and rest and learn through meditation.

The scriptural adage that the kingdom of God is within us is lost on many of us. 
I have learned out of necessity that I must calm the chatter and anxiety of my thinking brain.  
If I just let my brain run the show it would never stop telling me all the things I need to do and all the things I need to worry about and all the mistakes I made in the last hour.
 I have learned that my mind can be quite the torture chamber and if I don't put my soul in charge, 
 it can be pretty miserable in here. 
Breathing and redirection of my mind throughout the day and night is a muscle in me that has strengthened. 
I'm very grateful.

I have a lot of unfinished songs. 
Some of them I really like and I repeat some of the phrases to myself because I like them. 
One line from one of my unfinished songs is "Between sleep and between awake I feel a love so deep deep deep" 

This place of deep deep love is within me and within you. 
It's in us all because we all are of divine heritage and we are made of love.
I have learned that I truly do have spiritual eyes and ears and many other spiritual senses that I can access through meditation. 
I've tried to teach my kids to meditate. 
The trouble with parenting is that my kids often think I'm an idiot that makes them do dumb things, so..... they might not learn meditation from me. 
I'm sure they will learn it somewhere else someday when they are older and wonder why I never taught them when they were young.
It is pretty wonderful to have my oldest daughter who is now 18 actually think I'm a valuable human being who she likes to be around. She learns from me.
 Just in time for her to move out and go to college. 

My heart.
I'm in denial because I can't take the thought for more than a few minutes. 

Back to musing on meditation.
In my Reiki practice with my clients,
 I teach them to meditate as a natural part of the Reiki treatment. 
It's very nice to be able to pass on such a great personal tool for overall health and wellness of the mind and body.
Sometimes I meditate and its really boring and the bottom of my foot has an unreachable itch or I keep falling asleep or I sit there forever and see nothing and feel nothing except the the disappointment that this meditation session is boring. 
One day in the wee small hours of the morning  I sat there for 30 minutes of nothing and then I saw the head of a Zebra and then the Head of an Eagle.
I have learned that meditation is similar to dreams in that it can give you a very personal in depth message in just one or two symbolic images. 
Animals are great symbols and I love animals so they are a great way to give me personal deep messages that I can look up and discern what the meaning is for me right now in my life.
I have a book called Animals Speak that gives the symbolic meanings and messages of animals. 
I also have google! I love googling and being guided by my magnet fingers to the perfect meaning and message for me.
I say magnet fingers because my life's experiences have taught me that I'm a magnet for what  and who I need to guide me on this adventure of life. 
Zebra brings a message that I need in my life. 
Be your unique self. 
Just be.
Don't try to erase your stripes and be a brown horse. 
It's impossible and a miserable way to live if a Zebra were to live with horses and feel ashamed of being a zebra.

More lines from my unfinished song...
"Between sleep and between awake I hear a voice, I see a face"
We are not an island unto ourselves even though it feels that way sometimes. 
We are all connected and we are all connected to our creator.
We can all go within and see, hear, feel, understand, experience.
Sometimes it will be sublime.
Other times it will be practical.
Either way, its worth the practice and work to strengthen the muscles of the mind to 

Go within. 
Peace, bliss, wonderland, answers, guidance, beauty, Angels, deceased loved ones, friends and mentors from another day and age, are some of the things I've experienced when going within myself.
Meditation has proved to be a invaluable use of my time. 
I love to share things that are helpful, so, here you go! Try it. Explore the Kingdom within YOU!

Love, Kristen

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musings on meditaion

I didn't learn to meditate till I was in my 30's.  I think I had meditated by accident throughout my life and had experi...