My Grandfather and Bob Marley are Close Friends.

I need to write.
I have so many ideas and stories floating to the surface.
 I just need one to stand out and be heard the clearest so I can write it here and be at peace.
I know what happens when I bottle up my heart. It has become more painful to bottle it up than to just let in speak. The risk of being misunderstood isn't as scary as the pain of holding it in.

Today I saw a powerfully moving video of a lovely innocent North Korean girl.
Maybe you have seen it too.
She is pleading for our help.
She is telling her story.
God bless her.

Watching this video of this sweet girl reminded me of an powerful experience I had.
About 4 or 5 years ago I watched 2 documentaries in one day.
 The first one was about Bob Marley.
I hadn't known much of him and really only knew a few of his songs.
There has always been something about him that has intrigued me so I watched this documentary on him.
 I loved what I learned of him.
His father was a White Captain in the British West Indian Regiment.
He was an absentee father and died when Bob Marley was only 10 years old.
His mother lived in the deep green of a small village in Jamaica.
She was only 18 when she had him and she was poor.
His childhood really taught him so much compassion, understanding and acceptance.
He didn't have an easy life.

every word of this song is pure inspiration
Love Love Love

After watching this documentary I felt this deeper understanding of him and felt a love for his truth and sincerity that he put into his songs.
 He really meant the words of his songs. One Love, One heart.

The second documentary I watched was about North Korea.
It was full of footage taken with secret cameras of what life really looks like there.
The images of the dirty little toddlers in the cold with no shoes, eating garbage in the streets still haunt me.
It was such a distressing look at the realities of the prison that country is for its people.
That night I cried really hard.
I didn't know this was happening in North Korea in my day and age!
 That night I prayed from the bottom of my heart  and asked that help be sent to North Korea.
I prayed that my prayers could bless and protect those trying to get out and those stuck in.
I pleaded with God to comfort those sweet babies that were cold and hungry.
I prayed that I could send my love and my spirit there to comfort the children.
I prayed that they would see their angels and feel the warmth of their wings around them.
 I cried and pled and then I fell asleep.
 Early in the morning about 4am I had this experience.
Maybe it was a dream but it didn't feel like a dream, it felt like a place.
Either way, it doesn't matter. It was a gift from God.

I was in this cabin in the mountains that I had never been to but at the same time I knew I had been to it many times and I was just somehow being allowed to see it and consciously remember it.
It was a cabin that my deceased grandfather had built for his posterity that were still on earth.
This cabin wasn't built on this earth but was built spiritually for the comfort and retreat of his family still in their bodies on earth.
He built it as a spiritual retreat for his family to go to spiritually while their bodies slept.
It was a place we could go to in spirit to be renewed.
It was set deep in the peace and beauty of the woods.
I didn't see my grandfather  there but I felt him speaking to me.
He said "I know you love it here. You love to be cozy. I know you don't want to leave"
 I responded with feelings of agreement that I did love it here and how cozy it was.

Just as I was getting a better look around I found myself in my bed at home.
I lay there wondering how I was in my bed because I had just been at my grandfather's cabin he had built for us, then I realized I could still feel my grandfather with me.
I quietly got up from bed and tiptoed down to my living room so I could sit with this feeling of my grandfather.
I was not in my, critical, let me figure this out, part of my brain.
 I was fully in my feeling brain of intuition and trust.
It is much easier for me to stay in my heart brain in the middle of the night when my family is asleep and no one is asking me questions.
I wanted to stay with this feeling and listen for more words from my grandpa.
As I sat on the floor in my living room I felt my grandpa reassure me that he was also had a great desire to bless and help the people of North Korea.
He reassured me that he was doing all in his power from where he was to facilitate change and free and comfort those people.
This comforted me so much.
As I was in my feeling, nonjudgemental brain and hearing this from my grandfather I could see how strong and loving and empowered my grandfather really was, I could see him not just as the sweet grandfather he was when I knew him on earth but the force for love he was as a bright spirit connected to God and working for the cause of LOVE.
 As I was feeling this my grandfather helped me with some of my frustrations and worries as a mom.
At the time I was feeling concerned about my youngest daughter Sarah.
My grandpa comforted and reassured me that Sarah would be fine and broadened my understanding of her.
He showed me that she was very special and her sensitivities were a gift.
He showed me how she was a lot like his mother Flossie and that she and his mother Flossie had a strong connection.
Flossie was helping and guiding Sarah.  This made me feel so happy knowing that my great grandmother knew and loved my little daughter and was helping her!
I felt my grandfather ask me to remind Sarah of this love and connection to her great, great, grandmother who is like an angel to Sarah.
I was so excited to tell Sarah.
 I was realized that Sarah even resembled my great grandmother in her round little face and the shape of her eyes.

Can you see the resemblance? Love Love Love

 I then felt my grandfather show me how he understood how the illusions of earth life were very painful for me.
He stared to sing me a song.
 "One love, one heart, let's get together and feel all right"
 As he "sang" I could feel Bob Marley singing with him like they were very old friends!
 Like they were brothers working for the same cause and they were aware of my pain and worry because of the documentary I'd seen that day.
It was pure joy to be free from the critical,  judgmental part of my brain and just listen with my heart, head and spirit in unity as they sang to me.

It felt like ....... "Of course they are friends, they are both in heaven working for the cause of love.
It's perfectly natural that Bob Marley and my grandfather are here comforting me and singing to me as I sit in the dark in my living room"

"One love, one heart, let's get together and feel all right" I could feel how they wanted to "get together with me so I would feel all right!
The sweetness and the kindness of them both wrapped me up in comfort and relief from the pain I'd felt for the people of North Korea.
 I could feel that they wanted me to be able to communicate with them to alleviate the pain I felt with the illusion of separation from God and deceased family members.
 I could see how Bob's message of love and oneness that he tried to teach here, he was still focused on this in heaven and was still helping our physical world.
I could feel them both singing this song to me and reassuring me that they were helping the people of  North Korea.
I felt in awe of the power of their big huge loving spirits.
 I felt relief in knowing God had big souls like my grandfather and Bob Marley to assist him in his work on earth.
I sat alone in the warm comforting night feeling this new awareness of God's power and his awareness of the details of my life.
The pain of my tearful pleading prayer was heard.

I have prayed for North Korea ever since.
 I have been able to replace the pain I felt after watching the documentary with a strong faith that my prayers help and that God is hearing them.  
North Korea won't always be a place of great suffering.
After this experience I learned even more that I am not separated from the dead.
We can commune and reach each other.
We aren't as separated as I had once believed.
 I learned that my Grandfather is loving and caring for his family in spirit and helping us in our physical lives.
I had gotten glimpses of this through out my life.

 Soon after his death we were living in Arkansa while my husband went to law school.
 We had one car that we shared.
It was my grandfather's 1987 Toyota Camry.
As I was driving the beautiful green roads of Arkansas I felt so grateful for this little trusty car that my grandparents had given to me.
 I spoke out loud "Thank you for giving me your Toyota, grandpa! I love it."
I started to have childhood memories of my grandfather float into my mind.
One memory stood out and I could see it very clearly in my mind's eye as I drove.
It was when I was about 13 and staying at my grandparents house for a week in the summer.
I was in their pink guest bathroom brushing my hair. My hair was golden brown from all the sun and my skin was very brown from the hours I spent swimming in their pool.
As I stood in the bathroom with the door open brushing my hair my grandpa came and stood in the hall looking in at me.
He said spontaneously and so sincerely "you are so cute" His eyes and face beamed with love and pride for me.
I felt so seen, valued and treasured in that simple little compliment.
This memory played vividly in my mind and I again "heard" in my mind, "you are so cute" I felt the same wonderful feelings of being seen, valued and treasured that I had felt as an awkward teenager.
 I felt it again as a young mother driving in a state far away from family.
My grandpa was still seeing me, valuing me and treasuring me in my present life even though he was no longer in his physical body and I was. 
As I type this I am crying and feeling the truth that he still is watching over me and involved in my life.
I am so happy to know that he is with me and with my family.
He is so kind and compassionate.
So calm and capable.

He is still so able to help me with my day to day concerns.
He gets me and sees my whole heart because he isn't limited by earth bound ideas and he only sees through his spiritual eyes now.
He can hear me as I now ask for help with finishing this post and be brave enough to publish it.

My hope in sharing this experience is to help anyone who reads it recognize the experiences they have already had! Or seek their own "conversations" with their loved ones.
My hope in sharing this bit of my heart is that I can reassure anyone reading this that their prayers have power. Use your power. Your loved ones can hear you AND can help you.
Talk to them.


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