The Wisdom of My Pain

In 2010 My twins were about 3 years old. Luke was about 6, AnnaKate, 9 and Emmaline 11. I had just discovered my love for writing songs.
I had also just discovered ways that I could strengthen my singing voice into what felt like to me, a brand new instrument with all kinds of potential.
I was a baby in these new found passions and budding abilities.
It seemed shocking to me at the time but I felt compelled to take these new hobbies seriously and share them way before I thought I was good enough to share them.
 It felt as if writing and singing alone in my room for only my dog to hear pretty much defeated the purpose of creativity, even if the creations were young and naive and imperfect.
 I had strong impressions to share what I was making.
Respect these budding talents and record my songs.
Share my heart.
As these impressions came they were filled with love from God.
 Reassurance and joy.
I began to not just secretly write but I found a place to record and share what I was doing.

Have You Ever Heard The Animals Speak?

Recently  I was attuned as a Reiki Master. Doesn't that sounds cool. I'm a master. I'm a master at many things. Unloading the dishwasher. Whipping up dinner in 30 minutes. Napping.  Telling my kids to do their chores.  And now, I'm a Reiki Master.
 During the attunement process many people have epiphanies or deep spiritual insights.
 The only thing I experienced as my sensei (yes, I have a sensei. Me and the karate kid. I'll tell you more about her when she gets her website up!) was attuning each chakra was when she got to my heart chakra I felt like my heart was so tight and painfully full.
Like I was holding potential creations, thoughts and feelings of my heart captive for fear of being hurt.
As I felt all the captives in my heart I knew it was time to share more, speak up more, write more, sing more
It wasn't just time,
I knew that for me to keep peace with my heart I needed to share more of what was in it.  
It didn't matter the outcome of sharing, I j…

Food. It's kind of one of my hobbies.

Food. I'm really into it.  Not as much for cooking creatively or pleasurable eating, but I'm very interested in how food makes me feel and what foods can DO for me. Let me start by saying if what you are eating and drinking is working for you and you feel good then I say stick with it!  Enjoy it! Do what makes you feel nourished and happy.  I don't think I have found the holy grail of diets or a one size fits all solution.  I do think I have figured out which foods make me tired and inflamed and which foods make me feel fluid and energetic.  I think we all have different needs when it comes to food and even different emotional metabolisms. I have been interested in health and nutrition since I was a teenager.  My grandparents on my dad's side were dairy farmers and grew a huge garden full of delicious vegetables.  They had fruit trees of every kind and berries and grape vines for home made grape juice.  They would make their own wheat bread, jams and yogurt and their …

so many good things

Today is February 13, 2017. I wrote this post in October but never quite finished it or posted it.  I'm posting it now because it's bugging me that I never posted it.  Love, Kristen. 

My life is full of good and beauty and wonder and I'm keeping my focus on all that I love.  I'm not putting my focus on this bazaar election or how anything else exasperating or frustrating.  I am focusing on how I love what I do and I do what I love.  Everything from my kids getting older and more independent to my adorable cat Max.

My kids are getting funner and I'm not comparing myself to other perfect mom's who do it all right and know where their kids are 24/7 and who never get really annoyed and blunt with their kids and who all they do is put the needs of their kids before their own and love every minute of it.  Nope, I'm not comparing myself to those imaginary moms who don't even exist.  I'm chilling out and letting my kids be and not blaming myself for every …

Things always work out.

I'm grateful and happy to say that miracles big and small happen every day in my life. Luke was able to perform his part as Horton in Suessical jr. 2 out of 3 nights. With the help of wonderful friends, directors, un seen angels and God, Luke went from sick and feverish and coughing believing he couldn't perform to choosing to perform any way, receiving help and encouragement that night before the play and pulling together his strength, performing beautifully. I loved seeing my boy do his best despite challenges. I can brag a little since this is my blog and I'm the boss of it. He is talented and sweet. He sings well and has stage presence. I was on a high that night and the next day because of the great messages of this play and the great character Horton is. Thank you Dr. Suess.  I was also on a high from the high and happy energy of the children and especially my own children!

Mazie and Horton played by Mallory and Luke

Gertrude McFuzz,  played by Parley. Horton, and Ma…

fed up and cooped up

I have been cooped up with sick children for days on end. I'm being dramatic. I've been cooped up since Thursday, or was it Wednesday? 2 of my kids have had 103 fevers and coughs that sound like the black lung. I have been doling out medicines and herbal remedies and soup and herbal tea like a medicine man or a medicine woman. I am tired and I don't want to hear the sound of a croupy cough echoing through my house. Tonight was opening night for my little kids school play. Luke has a lead part with solos and Sarah is in it as well. They were both way too sick to perform. They were so sad to miss out and I have been really bummed too. They have worked so hard for the past several months, learning songs and dances. Their counter parts had to fill in for them tonight. I pray they will be well for Wednesday's performance. 

I thought I'd post some pictures of some happy things from the past few weeks,   I need to be reminded of the good things in life.  Like this front …